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Welcome to bolmedia.


bolmedia is a multimedia business specializing in website design
and development, graphic design, video production, motion graphics

and digital marketing.


Our mission is to make available multimedia solutions for small to
medium sized businesses, tradesmen, and individuals.


Solutions that are effective investments that capture your customers,
and meet your budget. Solutions that work for you.



Every business should have an online presence.
It’s a necessary part of any business in today’s

competitive world.
bolmedia can provide a website to your specifications

and budget, worry-free!

Is your website as good as your competitors?
Don't look second rate!
A new design, a make-over, an injection of dynamic,
captivating content will give you that winning edge.



bolmedia creates graphic design products including

brochures, fliers, catalogs,inserts,posters, logos,

banners, etc.
In fact all print design needs from traditional print

to new media.
We also produce 2D imagery for web, video, and CD/DVD requirements.
All at economical prices to suit your budget. All designed to make you look good, to visually communicate your brand to your target market and maximize your return on investment.


bolmedia produces effective, affordable videos for

web and DVD.

Products include business, private, and special projects.

We produce video products for web and

DVD/CD content as well as stand-alone instore and

point of sales displays,that will enhance your business,

all at economical rates


bolmedia creates motion graphic products for web and DVD/CD content as well as stand-alone
instore and point of sales displays.

Motion graphics in a website or sales video gives

you a winning edge over your opposition.

Inform, educate and capture that customer

and increase your sales.


bolmedia can assist you with email campaigns, eNewsletters. Design and Implimentation.

We can connect you to social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, that will enhance

and grow your business.